Centralized Course Management

Training Locker allows you to manage all of your courses from one centralized location. Course versioning and activation allow for greater flexibility. With stub files you can distribute courses with custom license settings and track usage and/or course entries.


Create licenses that fit your unique needs. Custom licensing allows for activation, rules, expiration dates and groups. Multi-factor licensing with e-learning sensitive user acquisition makes it easier to tackle specific client needs without changing your course offerings.

Usage and Entry Tracking

Whether you need to limit usage or just track entries over time, Training Locker provides easy to use tools for both scenarios. Tracking can be used for meaningful reporting and tailoring your licenses. Use reports to get information as general as overall license usage or view one specific license's entries. The Dashboard provides an easy to read display of your content's most recent usage numbers and requests.

Content Versioning

Keep track of course iterations with content versioning. Update courses to the latest version without interrupting the current user experience. When a new version is added new students are automatically updated to the new course version. There is no disruption in the content experience for students already taking a course.


Starter 75 $50
Bronze 250 $140
Silver 500 $300
Gold 5,000 $1,000
Platinum 75,000 $5,000